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Equalis utilizes its industry-proven methodologies, leverages best-in-class open source applications as appropriate, and integrates any installed applications, to provide powerful, cost-effective solutions for everyone; companies, users and consultants.


Equalis provides a suite of powerful numerical analysis & simulation applications with a real-time, cloud based, decision dashboard and consulting services.

Equalis provides an industry leading Predictive Analytics software solution

Equalis Predictive Analytics Dashboard featuring easy-to-use "Traffic Lights"

It is powered by a suite of numerical analysis and simulation applications and sensor data streaming uploads to Equalis cloud servers.


These include: Signal and Advanced Image Processing (SAIP), Data Acquisition and Control (DAC), Data Conversion and Processing (DCP)Embedded Coder (EC), and State Machines (SM).

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and related technologies are driving the world, and Equalis is pushing on the forefront of such new paradigms.

In support of these initiatives, Equalis was acquired by Mechatron Inc. (www.mechatron.com), on April 28th, 2017, to further research and develop new capabilities in these areas of innovation.

Equalis provides a complete range of Services, including a module for efficient Neural Network design and layout, to get you up and running quickly.

Equalis Services
Equalis Services

Equalis provides thought leadership and insight in its Blog series.

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