• Equalis provides a comprehensive set of products and deployment expertise ranging from product development modeling and simulation to test and development infrastructure

  • We provide turnkey systems that automatically update product development physics models based upon test data and thereby shorten product development time and expense

  • Our test and development experiences range from high speed & horsepower rotating machines, to mass flow chambers, through to large vehicle tilt tables

Equalis Product Development Solutions & Testing Infrastructure
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Simulation models of complex systems automatically learn and optimize various types of data:

  • Pre-recorded or real-time measurement data from physical prototypes of a system under development

  • Documentation, such as drawings and diagrams, of components of a system under development or its environment

The obtained simulation models serve as a basis for further design optimization and evaluation.

Sample customers:


Customer Benefits

  • Highly accurate simulation models of mechanical, electrical, control systems at low cost

  • Uncover design errors and inefficiencies using computer simulations

  • Accelerate design iterations that circumvent an actual test requirement 

  • Automatically update customers' product physics models with test data


  • Vehicle & Aerospace Electrification 

  • Wide Variety of Tilt Tables 

  • High Density Battery Technology

To better service our customers during these times of product shortages and extended deliveries, we now stock critical control items that allow you to better manage shipping times.


We also are offering expedited test services that include lease programs for in-house testing. This enables fast delivery of standard Equalis components and systems.