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Data Acquisition and Control Systems Bundle

Instrument Control Module

Provides direct connection with an array of instruments including: oscilloscopes, waveform generators, spectrum analyzers, power meters and many others. The module enables you to control your instruments with the serial port, USB, TCP/IP, or the GPIB bus. With this new module engineers can generate data, acquire data, and automate testing in order to verify hardware systems. You can automate and control equipment from all the leading manufacturers including: Agilent, LeCroy, National Instruments, Picosecond, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix and many others. We have also added industrial grade data access ensuring the ability to handle large data sets generated from today's state of the art instruments.

Equalis Instrument Control Module
Control and Power Systems Module

Provides out of the box algorithms to build, test, and tune complex control systems and power electronic systems. Use visualization and analysis functions to dramatically boost the understanding of your system's behavior. Comprehensive control system models are available out of the box for time domain, frequency domain, discrete and continuous systems. For specialists looking to design complex power electronic systems, we provide models of critical system components so you can focus on system level decisions and optimization.

Equalis Control & Power Systems Module
Fixed Point Module

Design, prototype and execute fixed point algorithms. You can use fixed point computations to reach the optimal balance between the speed of execution of your numerical algorithms and the accuracy of your results. This module gives you fixed point data types which represent numbers using as many digits as you choose, if necessary, even utilizing all the memory available on your computer. This module will significantly boost the efficiency of implementation of numerical algorithms.

Equalis Fixed Point Module
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