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Equalis Education Programs

There is no other numerical computation platform on the market that offers more to an academic and research environment. Use it in class, in the lab, at home, or wherever conveneint! There’s something in it for everybody!

We have several university and school programs available to students and faculty. Feel free to contact us to help identify which program is best for your needs.

Individual (single personal license)


This subscription is an unbelievable value, priced at less than a text book - only $95 annually!


Users under this program will receive:


  • Download of all Equalis applications

  • Copy of our Equalis “Getting Started Guide”

  • Unlimited expert email support

  • Access to Equalis webinars and demonstrations

Contact us at for purchasing and download information - please use your university email address.

Equalis Education - 1

Department (up to 100 users)


Science, Math, and Engineering university departments can purchase department wide Education subscriptions for a flat fee of $2,500 per year for up to 100 users. Every student and faculty member in the department gets their own Equalis Education subscription (as per the Individual program above). We suggest department chairs sign up for the program before students organize a protest!

Users under this program everyone will receive all Equalis Education: Individual features, plus the following:


  • Electronic copies of our 1,200 page reference textbook co-written with Dr. Urroz from Utah State University for each and every user

  • Private webinars delivered to your department by Equalis experts

Contact us at to enroll your department or get more information on the program.

Equalis Education - 2

University (unlimited users)


If you would like your entire university to get unlimited Education subscriptions across all science, math, and engineering departments for students and faculty members this is the program for you. For a flat fee of $10,000 per year your university can have Equalis software on every student and faculty members’ desktop.

Users under this program also receive all Equalis Education: Department features such copies of our reference book and customized webinars, 

Contact us at to enroll your university or get more information on the program.

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