Motor Maintenance solution

Equalis Motor Maintenance enables real-time / right-time monitoring of motor operation using high performance embedded controllers with a low profile accelerometer for vibration measurement and either a GSM cellular module to upload data to a server or a local connection.

This technology can monitor on a regular, ongoing, basis the mechanical condition of critical motors and thus report on the overall health of a system.  The health is available in simple terms by evaluating the machine spectra signature in terms of a “Green” indicator revealing normal running conditions, a “Yellow” indicator as outside normal, and a “Red” indicator as requiring maintenance within a known and limited time.


This approach allows continuous up-to-date information about the state of the critically important equipment, proactive planning for maintenance accordingly, reduce overall costs, minimize undesirable downtime, and prevent unexpected and possibly disastrous equipment failures.

In this way unforeseen failures that can yield significant costs and downtime, or even lead to disastrous consequences, are avoided.


Equalis solution includes:


  • Strategic high fidelity motor vibration measurements

  • Collection of the multiple measurements from motors critical in the system

  • Uploading of that data to a remote server via cellular or local connection

  • Download and analysis of the collected data

  • Detection and prognosis of motor faults, and generation of motor maintenance plans

Subscription: $995 per year
Hardware options are additional