Predictive Motor Maintenance (PMM) - Beta Program

Equalis is seeking partners in its new Predictive Motor Maintenance Program (PMM).  We are offering a complimentary three month trial of this new solution. This is open to the first three approved applicants.

As part of this program, Equalis will provide:


  • Free software subscription of this bundle for three months

  • Free hardware buildup including sensor & embedded controller

  • Free consulting support


In return we require:

  • Agreement up-front on use case that fits our marketing segment 

  • Access to all program results with the understanding they are approved for Equalis marketing purposes

  • Equalis owns any software developed as part of this project and can include in subsequent product releases

If interested please reach out to with an overview of your plans. Equalis reserves the right to approve all applications. Please use your work place email address.