Equalis Pro Plus is a suite of powerful applications for all your numerical analysis and simulation needs all for one low price.

Equalis Communication Systems

Allows you to quickly develop and analyze communication systems using the visual block diagram editor and simulator Xcos. The module provides a wide range of modulation schemes, phased lock loops, filters, sinks, and sources in the form of blocks specifically designed to model complex communication channels and systems.

Equalis Control & Power Systems

Provides out of the box algorithms to build, test, and tune complex control systems and power electronic systems. Use visualization and analysis functions to dramatically boost the understanding of your system's behavior. Comprehensive control system models are available out of the box for time domain, frequency domain, discrete and continuous systems. For specialists looking to design complex power electronic systems, we provide models of critical system components so you can focus on system level decisions and optimization.

Equalis Fixed Point

Users can design fixed point algorithms and then execute them in real-time. This data type also allows users to utilize all the memory available on their computer, enabling them to choose very high levels of precision and minimize design iterations. his module will significantly boost the efficiency of implementing fixed point algorithms.

Equalis Advanced Image & Video Processing

Tackle challenging problems in emerging areas of computer vision, image and video processing. It provides functions such as filtering, image analysis and statistics, image enhancement and restoration, image registration and image fusion, image transforms, morphological operation, and many others, together enable high level image detection and processing to be performed within the same environment. Additionally, video files and cameras can be managed and manipulated, allowing users to perform soft real-time video processing. This provides a flexible environment to explore design ideas and create unique solutions for imaging and video systems.

Equalis Instrument Control

Provides direct connection with an array of instruments including: oscilloscopes, waveform generators, spectrum analyzers, power meters and many others. The module enables you to control your instruments with the serial port, USB, TCP/IP, or the GPIB bus. With this new module engineers can generate data, acquire data, and automate testing in order to verify hardware systems. You can automate and control equipment from all the leading manufacturers including: Agilent, LeCroy, National Instruments, Picosecond, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix and many others. We have also added industrial grade data access ensuring the ability to handle large data sets generated from today's state of the art instruments.

Equalis Neural Network

Provides algorithms that mimic the human brain to solve and visualize engineering and science problems. Gain insight from noisy data by leveraging the powerful learning paradigm. Create layered learning networks with complex interconnections.

Equalis Signal Processing

Allows users to quickly develop, refine and test new techniques for audio, image and video processing. Work with a wide range of signals including audio, images, videos, sensor data, biological data, control system, and telecommunication transmission Perform complex filtering, smoothing, pattern recognition, prediction, correction, and digitization. Add functionality from over 150 blocks and 70 functions dedicated to advanced signal processing.

Equalis Connectivity

Provides integration of Equalis Pro Plus modules with a wide variety of third-party software such as Microsoft Excel, remote database servers, various OLE/COM applications (process control software, custom software, etc.), data utilities, R scripts, etc.

Equalis Pro Plus includes all these modules together for one low annual subscription
US - $995 per year
International - $1,295 per year

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