Equalis Pro Plus Add-On modules (Pro Plus is a pre-requisite)

Equalis Coder & Embedded Coder (Pro Plus Add-On)

Generates embedded C programs from block diagrams familiar to control engineers. Users are able to quickly develop, simulate, analyze and tune block diagrams which consist of the plant and control system models, and generate portable, readable and efficient C code directly from their diagrams automatically without the time consuming task of manual coding. Users can generate either platform-independent C code (that can be used on any computer or embedded platform), or ready-to-use embedded programs for Microchip PIC/dsPIC devices. Using this comprehensive solution, engineers experience huge productivity gains in developing and rapid prototyping both real-time and non-real time embedded systems.

US - $1,995 per year
International - $2,595 per year
Equalis State Machines (Pro Plus Add-On)

Allows you to design, model, and implement complex control and scheduling applications using the statecharts notation. You can simulate statecharts in Xcos or generate embedded C code from statecharts (this feature requires Equalis Coder and Embedded Coder module). Statecharts is a popular visual formalism for specifying reactive systems which was introduced by D. Harel. It extends conventional state transition diagrams with the notions of a hierarchy, concurrency, and communication which make it well suited for describing event-driven behaviors.

US - $995 per year
International - $1,295 per year

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