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Signal and Advanced Image Processing Bundle

Signal Processing Module

Allows you to quickly develop, refine and test new techniques for audio, image and video processing. Work with a wide range of signals including audio, images, videos, sensor data, biological data, control system, and telecommunication transmission Perform complex filtering, smoothing, pattern recognition, prediction, correction, and digitization. Design and simulate signal processing algorithms in a visual block diagram editor using functionality from over 150 blocks and 70 functions dedicated to advanced signal processing.

Equalis Signal Processing Module
Communication Systems Module

Allows you to quickly develop and analyze communication systems using the visual block diagram editor and simulator. The module provides a wide range of modulation schemes, phased lock loops, filters, sinks, and sources in the form of blocks specifically designed to model complex communication channels and systems..

Equalis Communication Systems Module
Advanced Image and Video Processing Module

Tackle challenging problems in emerging areas of computer vision, image and video processing. It provides functions such as filtering, image analysis and statistics, image enhancement and restoration, image registration and image fusion, image transforms, morphological operation, and many others, together enable high level image detection and processing to be performed within the same environment. Additionally, video files and cameras can be managed and manipulated, allowing users to perform soft real-time video processing. This provides a flexible environment to explore design ideas and create unique solutions for imaging and video systems.

Equalis Image & Video Processing Module
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