Control and Power Systems module

Although Scilab includes many functions for plotting various characteristics of linear control systems (e.g. step response), these functions cannot be easily applied to Xcos diagrams.

The Equalis Control and Power Systems Toolbox [1] offers a new palette of Xcos blocks which allows the user to view plots of important characteristics a control system defined in Xcos diagram.

These characteristics include Step Response, Bode and Nyquist plots (optionally which gain and phase margins), Nichols plot, Pole-Zero plot, and Singular values plot.

In this example we sill use Control and Power Systems Toolbox to analyze a linear model of a permanent magnet DC motor. This motor can be modeled by an electrical circuit in the armature as shown below.

Assuming a constant load, we can consider a DC motor as a SISO sysem, where the applied voltage Va is the input and the motor speed is the output. Using standard Xcos blocks (summation, gain, integration), let us create an diagram of this SISO system.

The resulting diagram is shown below:

The input Va can be connected to a constant block (this means a constant voltage).

The output w is the speed in rad/s.

Let us use Simulation-]Set context in Xcos to set the following values of constants which appear in the diagram:

J=3.2284E-6; b=3.5077E-6; K=0.0274; R=4; L=2.75E-6;