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Equalis Software Consulting

Equalis provides a range of services that allow users to be up and running very quickly.  Also users are able to develop completely new solutions based upon our Neural Networks, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, & Numerical Analysis platform:


  • Includes various exercises & workbooks

  • Internet or Classroom Based

  • Beginners to Advanced

  • “Essentials” training for fast start


  • ​Fast “get started” deployment support

  • File migration (e.g. MATLAB, Excel, etc)

  • Enterprise systems connectivity

  • GUI customization


  • Expert email support

  • Code review

  • Secure file upload for debugging

  • Priority bug fixes

Custom Development


  • Engage as turnkey provider

  • Develop new features & applications

  • Integrate various applications

  • Project management​

Please contact us regarding any of these services - we will be glad to review and provide a proposal.

We can be reached at

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