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Equalis Software Consulting

Equalis provides a range of services that allow users to be up and running quickly.  Users are able to develop completely new solutions based upon our Neural Networks, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, & Numerical Analysis platform using the tools and module. Our solutions page offer specific consultation in our primary areas of focus:


  • Includes various exercises & workbooks

  • Internet or Classroom Based

  • Beginners to Advanced

  • “Essentials” training for fast start


  • ​Fast “get started” deployment support

  • File migration (e.g. MATLAB, Excel, etc)

  • Enterprise systems connectivity

  • GUI customization 

  • Data Collection & Control 

  • Process Control & Automation 


  • Expert email support

  • Code review

  • Secure file upload for debugging

  • Priority bug fixes

Custom Development


  • Engage as turnkey or systems provider or consultant for your overall solution  

  • Develop new features & applications

  • Integrate various applications

  • Project management​

Please contact us regarding any of these services - we will be glad to review and provide a proposal.

We can be reached at

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