Treadmill Optimization

Treadmills are typical for runners when weather conditions do not permit outdoor running. The treadmill however is less than a fully accurate representation of a running condition.


Treadmills typically speed control the tread and force the runner or walker to match the speed of the device thus the tread is actually driving the walker or runner. When a runner or walker is on pavement or motivating on their own they drive the pavement so that they can maintain forward motion.


For a treadmill to be an accurate representation the subject on the treadmill must set the speed and the mill must only impose a load. To effectively implement this type of design the mill requires a very stiff drive line matrix and must load control allowing the subject to set speed.


We have undertaken a considerable amount of research and development in this area in terms of control, power transmission, and the human control condition. We have developed drivelines whereby the motor in located in the rolls to significantly elevate the overall driveline stiffness. This driveline drive from one set of rolls and brakes from the other.

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