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June 17, 2014Microchip Technology Signs Equalis Embedded Coder Reseller Agreement
April 15, 2013Perstorp Expands its Equalis Numerical Analysis Application Deployment
December 4, 2012Equalis Introduces Advanced Image and Video Processing Module
November 15, 2012Equalis Introduces Code Generation Modules for Xcos and Microchip Technology
November 6, 2012Equalis Introduces Parallelization Modules for Accelerated Numerical Analysis Computing
September 11, 2012Equalis Appoints dhs ELMEA tools GmbH as its Solutions Partner for Austria and Germany
May 8, 2012Equalis Introduces Powerful R Module
April 24, 2012Equalis Announces Partnership with AppTank for a Unique Scilab Project Marketplace
April 3, 2012Equalis Appoints Globaltek International as its Solutions Partner for China
March 27, 2012Equalis Appoints THiRA Solution and Consulting as its Partner for Korea
February 28, 2012Equalis Introduces Sophisticated Control and Power Systems Module
January 17, 2012Equalis Introduces Powerful Instrument Control and Fixed Point Modules
November 17, 2011Equalis and Hypios Expand Partnership for Open Innovation
October 25, 2011Equalis Joins the Scilab Consortium Partner External Module Program
September 27, 2011Equalis Announces Partnership with HPC Project
August 23, 2011Equalis Announces Major Enhancements to its Equalis Pro Scilab Programs
February 21, 2011Equalis Appoints Trity Technologies as its Reseller and Scilab On-line Support Partner for ASEAN
February 16, 2011 Equalis Appoints AEC srl Consulting as its Reseller and Scilab On-line Support Partner for Italy
January 25, 2011Equalis Appoints TechPassion as its Reseller and Scilab On-line Support Partner for India
December 7, 2010Equalis Launches First Math in the Cloud Solution Powered by Scilab
September 28, 2010Equalis Appoints SciWorks Technologies as its Reseller and Scilab On-line Support Partner for France
September 21, 2010Equalis Appointed Worldwide Exclusive Provider for Scilab Online Support
August 17, 2010Equalis/hypios Announce First Math - Focused Open Innovation Community
August 2, 2010Equalis joins the Scilab Consortium
July 29, 2010Equalis Launches First End-to-End Community Website Dedicated to Math-Centric Endeavors

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