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Switch Control Center (SCC)

DC Distributed Power Switching Control

Electric test & development centers require flexible series and parallel distribution of DC power throughout a lab for the loading and generating energy storage systems.  These four quadrant high power systems must be flexible, convenient, and safe in their programmability and directing of power.  The power networks must be able to program and carry power to multiple strategic locations within the facility. The source power supplies must provide smooth adequate bandwidth DC power for accurate simulation.  Software should contain a convenient easy to use programming layer, and a robust protection layer.  Controls should provide positive simple switching of high current and voltage contactors absent of any chatter.

Electric Technology Development
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Equalis provides a DC switching control in a standard configurable product to meet the needs of the user.  Software which allows the user to configure and monitor the network is included in the product.  The system directs DC power from modules in parallel or series architecture to multiple drop locations as is seen below.

Flow Chart .jpg
Pic 2.jpg

The basic switching control, as seen above, is composed of a hardened embedded controller, intermediate switching hardware and power switching contactors.  A USB interface allows the test technician to program the desired configuration as well as monitor conditions while running.

Equalis provides robust, regenerative DC contactor design in a NEMA 12 ventilated enclosure for DC power sources up to 2.1 MW.  The power is programmable in parallel and series combinations by the technician or engineer to deliver power to specific locations in your test facility.  Typically DC power is routed overhead in special designed duct-work with strategically located sensors to control voltage and current as well as keep heat generation minimized. 

Pic 3.jpg
Pic 4.jpg
Pic 5.jpg
Pic 6.jpg

 2 MW system expanded to 6 MW in 3 power blocks

Pic 7.png

1200 VDC 1600 ADC Rating

Overhead duct-work for distribution of the DC power is designed to be routed through your facility to special drop boxes whereby the power can be safely and conveniently connected to your test article.  The duct-work is designed to carry the DC power within a safe temperature range.

Pic 8.jpg
Pic 9.jpg

Equalis welcomes the opportunity to provide a quote for your distributed DC power system needs.  Let us prove our system will meet, and exceed, your needs and provide
a reliable, safe, and flexible environment for your electric vehicle development.

Please contact us at for more information.

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