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Predictive Analytics Bundle

Predictive Analytics Decision Dashboard

Equalis Predictive Analytics solution allows you to monitor any real-time data from various sensors (in-house or Equalis supplied), analyze that data based upon our signature algorithms and artificial neural networks, and act upon the results to minimize potential failures before they actually occur. This is all orchestrated using our powerful "Traffic Light” schema and our underlying neural network toolset.

Data to be reviewed, analyzed, and resolved can be from various sources;

  • Equalis embedded controller applications

  • Your in-house data collection systems

  • Third-party data acquisition systems


The Equalis easy to read and setup Predictive Analytics "Traffic Light" GUI enables fast understanding of your systems' performance and any remedial action that needs to be quickly taken.

Traffic Light Indication of System Status

Equalis Predicitve Analytics Decision Dashboard - 2
Equalis Predicitve Analytics Decision Dashboard - 1

Raw Data, Filtered Time Data, & FFT Signature

Neural Network Module

Allows you to design, train, and simulate neural networks. Provides algorithms that mimic the human brain to solve and visualize engineering and science problems. Gain insight from noisy data by leveraging the powerful learning paradigm. Create layered learning networks with complex interconnections.

Equalis Neural Networks Module
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