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Electric Motor Modeling Solution

Simulation software for electromechanical equipment design and development

Key capabilities include:

  • Support Model-Based Design of Three Phase Induction, Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMSM), and Brushless DC (BLDC) machines and supporting power controls

  • Co Development and simulation of machines and controllers

  • Conveniently visualize machine saturations with model design changes

  • Reduce development rework and improve efficiency

  • Generate code using Embedded Controller for motor HIL systems

Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 1
Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 2

This module utilizes multi-physics finite element analysis software as well as analytical motor modeling tools for developing electromechanical equipment. Companies and universities are using this product for improved development of magnetic components such as motors and actuators, as well as power electronics components.


Utilizing this method a user can analyze subtle differences in shape and magnetic characteristics of designs thus best optimize architecture for a particular set of design criteria. The ability to co-simulate control algorithms with particular motor models helps users validate their drive system before hardware prototypes are built thus reducing cost and saving time.

Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 3
Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 6
Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 5

AC Induction Motor Model

r1 + jx1 is the stator resistance and reactance

rc + jxc is the core loss and core reactance

r2 + jx2 is the rotor resistance and reactance

Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 7

Induction Machine Losses Segregation

Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 8

Three Phase Induction Machine Model & Six Step Inverter Control Graphic Model

Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 9

Torque vs Speed Three Phase Induction Machine Models Results

Equalis Electric Motor Modeling - 10

FEA Analysis from Design

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