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RAPID - Review, Analyze, Prototype, Interact, and Decide

Powerful visualization and analytics software module

This module provides a cost effective, easy-to-use, powerful application for simple import, complex analysis, in-depth visualization, and can be easily adopted for local or remote development collaboration.

Key features include:


  • Fast data import from numerous sources or sensors

  • "What-if” scenarios and data analysis

  • Sharing and collaboration

  • Data visualization

  • No programming needed


It leverages Python for vivid graphics, ZeroMQ for data transfer, Scilab for analysis, and our graphic and text based programming engine for data manipulation. We provide all these capabilities as part of the application download.

Equalis RAPID - 1

Fast import & manipulation of big data sets, along with multiple scaled data plots as visualization requires.

Equalis RAPID - 2

FFT or JTFT analysis and plotting for graphic visualization of time changing spectral signatures

Key features include:

  • Fast importing of big data sets from multiple sources and formats including convenient manipulation of rows and columns including; cut, copy, paste, size, scale, etc.

Equalis RAPID - 3
  • Comprehensive plotting features that include extended zoom, pan, coloration, shading, and polarization features

  • Multiple overlaying plots on the same graph with identical or different time base axis

  • Convenient analytics that include snap shot spectral signature (FFT) and continuous (STFT, JTFT) for frequency events that change over time

  • Easy to configure data filters, matrix math, and other analytics within our graphic environment

Equalis RAPID - 4
  • Local and remote plot sharing for product and process co-development


We look forward to hearing back from you and sharing a web based demo of this new exciting product. Please contact us at

Equalis RAPID for Complex Signal Processing
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