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Electric Vehicle Development (EVD) Solution

  • Equalis has decades of electric machine and control development experience to help you implement all of your state-of-the-art electric driveline programs

  • We are here to help you with all your electrical or mechanical infrastructure development tasks

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  • DC Power Re-circulation Systems

  • AC Power Re-circulation Systems

  • Non Regenerative Systems

  • Certification Level Sensors, Data Collection and Control

  • Electric Machine and Control Modelling and Quantification

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Equalis Applications included:

  • Switch Control Center (SCC)

    • Equalis Switch Control Center (SCC) distributes DC power throughout your laboratory with control, flexibility, and safety of paramount importance


  • Equalis Embedded Coder (EC)​

    • Our Embedded Coder module provides total control and management of your high performance variables, such as torque, speed, voltage and current



  • Equalis RAPID

    • This module allows fast and convenient data viewing and modification from a single or multiple time-based systems

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