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R and Statistics Module
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The Equalis R and Statistics Module brings together two of the most powerful analysis applications on the market: Scilab and R. It also builds on the powerful statistics libraries in both Scilab and R.  Now users can leverage the combined power of these applications through this comprehensive module. Combine deep statistical analysis and complex algorithms to tackle your toughest problems.  The Equalis R Module enables R functions to be used directly in Scilab as well as provides the ability to call R scripts. With the ability to leverage R's deep statistical analysis capabilities in addition to Scilab's world class optimization, data analysis, and algorithm development capabilities - users no longer need to make tradeoffs, they can seamlessly leverage both!

This module improves upon the R Toolbox, originally developed by Bixia Liu, Jinding Wang, and Xu Minghua.

Gain access to premium modules and functions with our Pro solution, including: Connectivity, and Instrument Control.


Premium Scilab Functions  






Core Scilab Functions  

Descriptive Statistics

Probablility Distribution

Analysis of Variance

Regression Analysis

Multivariate Methods






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