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Equalis is the leading provider of numerical analysis, visualization and simulation software solutions for engineers and scientists based on the world's leading open source numerical computation platform, Scilab. Our solutions provide our customers compelling advantages of more functionality and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives on the market.

Through Equalis' unique partnership with Scilab, we provide a complete "industrial grade" solution consisting of the Scilab numerical computation platform, hundreds of premier features, state-of-the art application-specific modules, and complete support programs for every type of user; be it educational users, professional users, or companies deploying globally.

Our solutions are offered as annual subscriptions and include:

Pro Plus

Equalis Pro Plus builds upon the Scilab numerical computation platform and provides exclusive premium features and application modules, as well as a complete range of Equalis support services for the power user.

Equalis Pro Plus offers the exclusive Pro premier features as well as application specific modules including; Coder and Compiler Module, Communications Module, Control and Power Systems Module, Embedded Coder, Fixed Point Module, Image and Video Processing Module, Neural Networks Module, Signal Processing Module, and much more.

Equalis Pro Plus support includes; complete online searchable documentation, tech tips, expert email support, hundreds of code examples, accelerated bug fixes and input into the product development roadmap.


Equalis Pro incorporates the Scilab numerical computation platform and provides exclusive premier features as well as Equalis' on-line support services.

Equalis Pro offers a powerful numerical analysis solution as well as premier features including; enhanced connectivity to a range of databases and files, integration with R (statistics), Thunder and Lightning (parallelization and cluster support), application integration and scalability.

Equalis Pro support includes complete online Searchable documentation, tech tips, expert email support, file upload for debug, and accelerated bug fixes.

Core Features & Toolboxes

The core features and toolboxes of Scilab include; 2-D and 3-D visualization, numerical computation, data analysis, external integration, simulation (Xcos).

Join the Equalis Community to download the core features and toolboxes, gain access to our Community Scilab forum and receive our Get Started Guide for Scilab.

Which Equalis program is right for you?

Equalis Pro

Equalis Pro Plus

Equalis Enterprise

Core Scilab Platform

Getting Started Guide

Connectivity Modules

R and Statistics Module

Parallelization (option)

Priority Bug Fixes

Equalis Support Portal

Expert Email Support

File Upload for Debugging

Communication Systems Module

Control & Power Systems Module

Fixed Point Module
Image and Video Processing
Instrument Control Module
Neural Network Module
Signal Processing Module
Coder and Compiler (option)
Embedded Coder (option)
Hundreds of Code Examples

Discounted Bundles for Teams

Formal Product Roadmap Input

Jump Start Training

Jump Start Migration

Private User Group

Private Specialized Application Webinars

US (per year)




International (per year)*



As low as $100 per user


University solutions covering the entire range starting with individual students or faculty scaling to university wide deployments. Equalis Education includes advanced user documentation, email support, searchable knowledge base, and introductory video tutorials. Our Department and University wide offerings include access to our Pro Plus software modules, electronic copies of our Scilab reference book, private webinars, and much more. Visit our University Programs page or contact us for more details.

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